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"I really didn't have the time to shop for this product and service with everything else that I do...I feel we have the best pricing and best service for our money!" -- T. Uebelacker, Cabinet Shop Owner

mployer Choice Solutions, Inc. is an independent brokerage firm which works on your behalf to locate qualified employee leasing companies. Our task is to make your job faster and easier. We listen to your needs, collect the information one time and submit it on your behalf to the PEO or Employee Leasing companies we feel will best suit your needs. We keep it simple and easy!

Employer's Choice offers the following services and products:

Our Promise

"......To exceed our client's expectations regarding professional, honesty, and expediency in meeting their individual answers for their business needs..."

"...We want our clients to feel that this is the company to work with for the human factor..."


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